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the death event that caused me to swallow big, as the headline of the death news in a newspaper said "the eighties died".


she was the goddess of covers that were better than the original. it still is in our hearts and in our mp3 folder though.. (see self control) (see gloria) (see forever young) (see i need a hero) (see the lucky one) (see solitaire) (see ti) amo) (see how am i supposed to live without you) (see spanish eddie) (see shattered glass) (see looking out for number one)


in the 1980s, at a time when nasty disco music was all over the place, he was someone who managed to stay in the memories with self-control. one more piece of us is missing.


the reason i play gta vive city.


the love of almost every man who was a child in the 1980s and just started listening to pop music.


she was a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice that i only knew with self control and the lucky one. i didn't buy any of his cassettes (yes, cassettes), i just added these two songs to the mixed 90's recording. just "is there anybody here but me?" he said and threw it away. more than the experience of falling in love at first listen, it showed me that your voice can be so fragile and sad. it is obligatory to find and listen to the rest of their songs after this time.


after robert palmer, another loss... at least he passed away with a peaceful farewell...