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according to nezihe araz's book 1000 days with mustafa kemal, latife's father's determination is as follows: "this girl does not forget that she is the wife of the president, but forgets that her husband is the president". he is gruff, jealous, but he paid the price by living in dignified silence, growing old.


he made a great revolution compared to that time by participating in the wedding himself according to the will of the father, because until then, women were represented by a proxy before the teacher. on august 5, 1925, the father divorced himself in a "the style" as it is stated in accordance with the provisions of the law. in the country, women were able to have an equal divorce right with the the civil code enacted on october 4, 1926, however.


the fact that she didn't talk to anyone from her divorce until her death is thought-provoking in terms of what kind of patience she has..


she was married to atatürk for only 2.5 years. after their separation, both of them did not talk about this issue until they died, out of respect for each other..


perhaps the first representative of the the woman who is stuck between her career and her home.