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it's a netflix-made soap opera that i'm trying to finish in order to improve my spanish, despite all the fictional weaknesses, the feeling of watching a the series, and the characters that pop up like mushrooms every season and disappear the next season. i gave up, even though i predicted that they wouldn't be able to bullshit anymore. i'll be back if i run out of stock, i'll edit if i do. --- spoiler --- you drove carlos crazy. --- spoilers ---


an enjoyable spanish netflix series. since the scenario progresses quickly, the series flows with pleasure. it also shows how europe was in the years when our women had the right to vote and be elected. whatever happened, something happened, then we are in the clear.


although it has little benefit from clichés, it is a fact that it saves those who want to watch spanish series from craving for hemorrhoids like la reina del sur. the fact that it is a period drama also increases its watchability. only the guy they put in the lead role as jon* is like the corpse you know. i shudder when the man laughs. on the other hand, they wasted the most decent guy in the show* in the role of a lousy lowly beaten husband. i am sending my reproaches to casting officers here.


it's a spanish drama that i've been starting over since its first season, going well in the absence of the rosalinda-style soap operas i watched when i was a kid. --- 5 x 5 spoilers --- carlos you made my heart hurt. --- 5 x 5 spoilers ---


i've only watched the first three episodes, it's very cliché, but there is something about spanish and nostalgia that attracts me, so i loved it. but what are those soundtracks, why are these songs chosen, which create an atmosphere like i'm watching an american teen tv series, when there is a whole world of spanish songs? that's the only part of the array that sets it...


if you know who is responsible for your pain, revenge is not a whim but justice alba


a never-ending spanish drama, i could swear i'm one of the rare people who watched it officially till the last episode and i can fuck my head.


it's like the woman is the devil in this show. a show that shows how ruthless, evil and scheming the weak and ambitious can be, making it more hateful to women than to men. the evil of the below is worse than the evil of the above. the series gives this very well.