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shehnaz is a woman who won the "best screenwriter of the year" award for her performance in tango. he's been doing this for twenty years. let me tell my master number seven, it is possible to come across this person as a screenwriter and producer in productions such as short circuit, etc. on the other hand, xasiorkun is on the jury of this year's short story competition. see also:


(see #83626953)


writer of sehnaz tango series, screenwriter ki$i.


a screenwriter who has a writing group of his own. the scenario of the sahara series also belongs to this group. there are four names, including oya yuce writing group, and nuray uslu.


he is the screenwriter of the the tv series.


he's one of the screenwriters that i think doesn't get the recognition he deserves. there is a different understanding of comedy that manages to make you laugh even after years. the subtle humor in the criticism of tayyip erdogan in mr. kamber, which has been circulating on social media lately, sounded familiar from somewhere. when i searched for mr. kamber on google, i saw that the screenwriter was supreme. in short, he is one of our 'underrated' screenwriters, who has a sense of humor that can be noticed from a hundred meters away, oya yüce.


one of the screenwriters of the movie türkan.