la grande bellezza

la grande bellezza

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the latest film by the rising star of italian director paolo sorrentino. takes place in rome. from the trailer, it appears that sorrentino shot a roman embellishment rather than the movie. among the competition films of the cannes film festival.


as the movie progresses, you can feel that director paolo sorrentino, who also owns the script, was greatly influenced by journey to the end of the night. the atmosphere in the movie is different camera usage and heavy criticism of modernism under the garish life. it has happened and life goes on. first love and a life consumed by not being able to find that moment for life. the better you look, the more it is an indicator of your sinking.


like bardamu's death in celine's journey to the end of the night, here too jep gambardella's whole life is built on a kind of fear of death. in my opinion, this is the most important similarity between these two works. also, paolo sorrentino wanted to bring into our eyes that rome is the most beautiful city in the world, and he succeeded very well, i congratulate him. it's a shame we cried when we saw those landscapes, houses and gardens.


the freshest proof that the movie should be seen in the cinema. shame on this city that condemned me to 2nd class free movie sites. bat world bat do you believe there is still a wedding association in the vision?