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it is a must-watch movie for those who say, "you can't start a family after oldboy". legend to haneke @2.. he knocked haneke out and put him in the trunk almost..


people who are color blind realize this because of/thanks to people who are not color blind. colorblind people never know the difference between red and green, for example they call grass green because they are told that grass is green. pointing to the grass and saying, "this is red." if so, they would have accepted them as such. the children in the movie also look to the planes that will fall from the sky as a result of being trained in this way, completely disconnected from the outside world, completely under the control of the father.


it is a very original work that shows how creative cinema can be and makes you say that cinema is very good.


it is a crazy movie that should definitely be watched with a psychologist or a group dealing with psychology. it's like hanek sat down and re-shot idiots with his own interpretation.. --- spoiler --- by the way, the movies that the girl watched: (see: rocky) (see: jaws) --- spoiler ---


the film in which roger ebert expressed my feelings for a bit, saying "like a car accident that you can't take your eyes off of". i'm still thinking if i liked this movie. i have positive feelings towards him, but as a piece of cinema or because of the forbidden pleasure of disturbing, what? note: those who come from a family of the type depicted in life science books should especially watch it. note2: long live evil