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it is the city where the highest number of aids cases are recorded in europe. this information makes people say "oh" in all of europe, but it also creates an aphrodisiac effect in the form of "wow anugagoyun, what a pump basiliyomus is in the country" i guess


i spent 4-5 days for business purposes in the middle of march this year. that is a period when the hryvni-dollar exchange rate was 1:30, the people suffered from poverty, and i ate pizza + beer for 5 dollars in an italian restaurant in the podol region. i was confused by the fact that i called a taxi from the hotel to the company and paid 50 euros by mistake for the price of 50 grivs, and the taxi driver warned me that even in this poverty period, he did not condescend and gave the wrong money. i think if i made the same mistake in the country, i would drink a glass of water over 50 euros.


i've been from kiev for all these years, i've never been on a honeymoon, i haven't heard or seen anything until now, let's see what will happen. bro or are you talking in code, honeymoon trowel? well, let's know, we can help you. is that what you say ballet malet? if you want to tell us something, blink twice without seeing your sister-in-law.


the city where the police took you to the wife if you know russian. i've seen so many things, i haven't experienced what i'm experiencing today anywhere. dear readers, the police took you to the brothel you know and recommended that you try this place. it's all about finding the right people and knowing russian :) edit: of course i didn't do it. i was surrounded by 15 girls all of a sudden, i drank their coffee, thanked for the conversation and left *


ukraine city where everyone goes for business.