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i cried a lot while reading the book, journey to home, and then i realized that it was not possible for a human to write this book, because the reason why it affected me so much was that although i did not experience the events described in the book, it gave me the feeling that i had somehow lived it in another place or time. so i can recommend everyone to read this book at least, believe me, you won't regret it.


a library about the true nature of things that are impossible to escape from human hands that i'm sulking at the moment. it is bad that it cannot be gifted/recommended to every friend or individual. those who need to read will read it somehow anyway.


extraterrestrial being proclaiming a teaching that you can read when you are ready


a series that teaches people what it actually is.


hello dear ones at the beginning of each chapter, i am the earthly female dear angel tasked with transmitting the positive energy that starts with kryon from magnetic services. it is not overlooked that the meditative community that he has chosen as a means of spreading his lonely energy is very wealthy. he must not have thought that he would have a problem in disseminating the teaching because it was


there is no greater love in the universe than when best friends on the other side of the duality come into the world and agree to hurt each other for the sake of learning... in which case one wears a mask of hatred or anger, while the other seemingly becomes a victim and lives their lives hostile to one another. there is no greater love than this, for it is fate-laden karma that must be settled and removed... it hangs before you and waits for you to handle it daily, when done painful experiences turn into love... kryon


the more i deal with string theory, the more i believe in being true.


being shown as the source of spiritual enlightenment books, which i feel very close to the chapter on religions in the book journey to home, where you can find many things about yourself when you read the books, thinking that events were not revealed by an entity in this way...

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