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personality whose soul i believe is male. because i don't see any feminine expression, state or movement in her. i'm seriously waiting for her to announce that she's a lesbian soon.


she is still very young, she has many years ahead of her, but i haven't seen an iota of talent in this girl yet. i watched an interview with him. it's not like she's speaking, bella swan. the same gestures, the same trembling air, the same distressed expression, the muttering stomach. i'm bored, i wanted to shoot one in your mouth so you can speak properly.


the lady who tired her audience with the worry, distress and uneasiness that she never let down on her face. (see: tiring lady)


the actress who will play princess diana in her new project. it was a very right choice to play an emotional character who can never hide his feelings, lives quite intensely and does not hesitate to express it, for this brother with 3 mimics. congratulations.


well, don't be offended by her fans, don't be offended by her fans, but she's the girl i'm going to cool you off soon. my brother, this girl has a very clear "girl with a smelly mouth" air, she definitely broke the nose of the person sitting next to her in middle school. "what's with the smelly girl?" don't say, ah, that's it. such a white face, zombie-like manners, his mouth definitely stinks, look, i'm writing here. someone from los angeles confirm.


it has an air of being constantly taken to the sahur.


the actor who was mentioned on a news site today as follows; "shame on the american actor who was dumped after cheating on his twilight series co-star, british actor robert pattinson, with director rupert sanders." is there such an adjective ?


an actor who has become an appetizer to the imagination of immoral men. the man talks about that he will chop his children for that girl, seriously, i don't think he wrote it as a joke, because no one writes such a crass sentence about cutting their children, even as a joke.