kolmogorov-smirnov test

kolmogorov-smirnov test

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it is a test that tests whether the distribution of a sample is evenly distributed, when you want to patch any distribution it draws a hypothetical* conclusion about how reliable you want to be.


it is a test that two scientists named kolmogorov and smirnov named together because they invented it together, and it has the power to make even smirnoff forget when immersed in it.


the distribution suitability test, which i involuntarily broke off because of the connotation he made when his name was mentioned in the class (see smirnoff), and thus i showed all my ignorance without hesitation. the teacher reminds me of my laughter for a week and jokes about the "vodka test"...


it is an interesting test. let's see that, like most of the non-parametric statistical methods, when its application was first seen, "do you cross with me?" creates the tapk.


it is the test that kolmogorov performed together with smirnov, which is probably a visual hallucination. if the significance is greater than 0.05, it returns to normal; if you are going to do t test, anova, multiple regression etc., your data should be normally distributed so that you can pass these tests in spss and assign the data above.


a statistical test where you can say that your data is normally distributed if the assimp significance two-tailed value is greater than or equal to 0.05. others; (see: shapiro wilk test) (see: anderson darling test)