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those who have problems with it can also try daum potplayer. you won't be a stranger either.


many smart people; windows media player >> xing mpeg player >> bsplayer ~ vlcplayer >> gompplayer >> kmplayer >> .... reason to keep going in the loop. we owe it to the divx culture. if there was not so much divx sharing in the market, i don't think that these software would be like this, would it provide us convenience. on the other hand, it is in absolute harmony with mkv files. today's popular video extension seems to be mkv too.


coding turk bizim koyulu.


the new version has not only returned to the chinese whorehouse, but has also become cumbersome, problematic and useless. although vlc can be useful in other situations, i still deleted the new version of kmplayer as there is no better solution than the last decent version 3.6 to play 3d movies comfortably, at the same time add non-3d subtitles to them without any problems and fix any problematic subtitles quickly, i downloaded 3.6 from filehippo and installed…load_kmplayer/tech/14868/, i was comfortable again


program with billions of settings.


the player i was a missionary to. i have two disciples. edit: it's three. border: aha four.


i ask those who have trouble to return to this version and not update it again. it is the most basic principle of engineering, if it is not broken, you will not be touched.


beautiful player who is starting to push his luck too much. their ads have started to make the sidebar ill. you know, the way to remove the ads that appear like dicks on the right is simple. we open the c:windowssystem32driversetchosts file and add to the bottom line. the process is complete, the sidebar is gone. you can use it cleanly as before.