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our lady sister, whom we learned that besides her beauty, she is also witty. he also knows spider man, cool! whenever nurgül yeşilçay kisses spider-man upside down, she can be taken from this joke as much as she wants. but for now, i think it's okay to smile. this is the best.


the actress, whom we learned through the media that her birthplace new jersey is located in france.


the actress who told the truth. why are they exaggerating this conversation? it's past the word. if nurgül yeşilçay thought that she should win an international award with her performance on the edge of life, it would be appropriate for her to fall into this situation. it was the obvious worst part of the movie... without a doubt. if he was a good actor because he kissed his same sex, the mirrors would win an oscar.


beauty, whose memes are already famous. (bkz: melancholia) when you do trier, but when hacker does it oov!


"kirsten hit nurgül badly!" the actor we see with big fonts. if you had said "@@2 years fucked up" at least mk, i don't understand how you are reporting with gas.


i hope that people who think of themselves as a very successful model and a very successful actress when they appear in two tv series and a few commercials in the country and become the media, will cover all of them in general. (another example of this trend is meltem cumbul, for example) i wish she knew the so she could say "take it slow so your hair doesn't mess up". anyway, that's not bad either.


eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, while pretending to speak in a whisper, the beautiful person who tucked his cheeks, twitched his tummy, and whose arms were bent. if possible, always cry, go out in snowy weather, get a red nose...


beautiful woman. now you say his chin is like this, his leg is like that, and if he looks at you unconsciously, you'll be left saying "ehenne mehenne".