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kingdom rush

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the killer game of a generation's academic life. we can't stop, sir, we finish it again in every final period.


it is clearly and unequivocally the best flash game i have ever seen. it is much more than a flash game with its drawings, maps, gameplay and references. yes, don't look like that, i loved the game la.


it is a game that is useful to sprinkle archer towers, but not too much, in order to weaken the flying vermin and the well-armoured troops. in addition, the fully upgraded version of the archer's turrets with full rifles in snowy environments will be beneficial for the dogs that will come from the opposite direction.


perfect for those who love defense strategy, it's a flash game. i remembered my warcraft 2 days a little bit. i collected all the stars and achievements in 5 days, when i close my eyes, i see the creature. the necessity of changing tactics from section to section is the most important plus of the game. the difficulty level is also well adjusted. the iron mode of the last episode is a bit challenging, but that's it. it was unreasonable for the defense soldiers not to be affected by the artillery fire.

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