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kimtsu no yaiba

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(bkz: sugoi) might be the best anime of 2019 after dororo. even if it goes in this consistency, we can see it among the legendary animes. when i first saw the boy in a bandage, i thought of max in beyblade.


one of the best anime out this season. the subject may be called a cliché, but it is the kind that makes you watch it. definitely not a series to watch with much expectation. there are 2 things that stand out in this series. one is animation and the other is character designs. the studio of quality works, ufotable, did not use his hand cowardly. the colors are very vibrant and pleasant. our cast of characters has a little nezuko... man, dammit! i have never seen or heard of such a sweet thing.* the drawings of the other characters are also great, but nezuko is another magnificent one.


good but not so great anime. it forms the demon-slayer main center that has been processed a million times before. there are tiers of good and bad. you can.


it is a great anime. it is the best anime together with dororo that came out this year.