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even if it is rarely used, it is an in-between adjective that makes you feel warm towards the uncle who uses it after a long time. thank you to uncle sami.


had the name "sevim" been attached to the back, the number ten would have been a reference to the top scorer. fun word.


it is a well-known bird of prey in europe, asia and africa. an interesting feature is that when it encounters the wind, its head remains completely motionless, as if it were being held by an invisible hand. although its body wobbles with the wind, its head is fixed. in this way, the bird's vision is always perfect despite all kinds of concussions.


(if he didn't make a wrong connotation) (see ismet ay)


a novel by cengiz tuncer, born in 1971, from e publications.


when i was little, my father used to call me a kestrel to piss me off. my god, i used to get angry. i didn't know what a kestrel was. but i kept getting angry when my father called me a kestrel, thinking it was probably an ugly squirrel bird. years later, when i saw the kestrel's face, i said to myself, "oh dear daddy," he compared it to such a beautiful bird even to piss me off..


ken loach's original movie called cut...


bird of prey with ultraviolet vision. he has eyes so perfect that he can see the urine of a field mouse when he looks at a field while in the air. **