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kentucky fire hookah tobacco

it is produced in turkey and is popular in germany. so it's a bit vascular. it would be good to separate.
mai tai is legendary. although it is very intense on its own, it goes well in mixtures. try it.


kentucky fire hookah tobacco

i'm trying the cappuccino flavored called big boss right now. lighter than al fakher. not bad. price performance is good. but if there is social smoke it can't have quotes.


kentucky fire hookah tobacco

hookah tobacco brand where i tried astalavista, medusa and big boss products.

medusa is a rose-intensive tobacco. can be considered fresh. it can be preferred to have a different taste in between.
big boss coffee flavored. the smell of tobacco is very intense, but there is a problem that an aroma that i cannot solve in its taste does not settle. i don't think i will choose it again.
astalavista blueberry ice. this is my favourite. starbuzz is very close to my drink.


kentucky fire hookah tobacco

it is hookah tobacco, which has started to spread rapidly recently, with a current price of 150-250 kg, which is generally sold in 200 gram boxes and has delicious mixtures. although its name is kentucky, i think it is produced in turkey. i am not entirely sure about that.


kentucky fire hookah tobacco

the mai tai one is very good in taste and smoke. but it came out quite a bunch of branches.

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