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the town where i quit sleeping by trying to withstand the sound of an invisible rain and the wind whistling on the windows as of now.


another region where the rich live. look, i'm not rich or anti-money, don't get me wrong. but on the one hand, i am strangely tuned to the sluts who make the mother of the forest skp and on the other hand "the third bridge target hode".


the district within the borders of eyüp, where the richest people of istanbul come and settle down but still can't get rid of the bay feature. after 8 p.m., any foreigner will be noticed very quickly there and treated like a terrorist, i know from there i lived there.


there are two paths to the forest. you can reach atatürk arboretum and bahçeköy through one of the recreation areas. the other one is the worst road that can be seen in istanbul and leads to the village of Çiftalan.


the place has become more attractive with the improvement of the road recently. on the one hand, the cove lives, on the other hand, all the beauties of istanbul are at most an hour away.


(see: brothers restaurant)


town/village/settlements that must be visited even to see that huge aqueduct. in fact, next to istanbul, it is also useful to see the settlement towards the göktürk side and make your lips go crazy. from there, you press down to durusu...