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k: do you have a smoke pal? * f: * here you go k: it tastes like shit * f: i've never tried shit * * (see: 3 october 2004 the prodigy istanbul concert)


while reading the news of his death, the voice of shahin badar in smack my bitch up, which put me in a trance, came to my ears and told me about death again. now i look at what young people are listening to under the name of electronic/techno music.. anyone who does quality work and does justice to their own style is either gone or is about to leave..


the person whose photo was published in the news that the pervert of gülhane was caught in the team newspaper published on time.


after a certain age, you will not leave them alone at home, brother. what is this? our entire youth is found dead at home! the music person we love who is an expert.


a master who played an important role in making my life fun and passed away. rip + thanks for all the fire.


a rare person, whom i angered by gesturing at the parkorman concert in 2004, who jumped between us and danced with us while we were afraid that he would attack or something. may allah forgive your negligence and grant patience to those you left behind.


'fat of the land' was the first tape i bought. these guys were the guys who made me love music as a kid, it made me very sad. i couldn't even listen to it live, it stayed inside me. to another life now.


very nice joker from this man.