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+ my love, we were sitting with melodies, we heard a big explosion, two terrorists came in, one of them said it was a suicide bomber and the other one said he was a psychopath, he broke my arm i have scratches on my face and body i was stabbed in 5 places, my friend died, the police were hard wolf


it was also used as a kind of insult used for humiliation. (see: i saw this today) edit: look, this kind of entries are actually very useful. for example, the date the word "kizeban" began to be used in the sense of insult coincides with 2008, let it go into the history books.


the name that guarantees 100% humiliation. for example; the girl doesn't want to meet -> the kefban girl does not want to talk -> the kefban girl does not want to have sex -> sure, the kefban girl listens to the pop -> the kefban girl loves shopping -> the kefban girl says "i am not the kefban" -> she can't have a kefban anymore, the girl is ugly -> needless to say man, you really put him in his place.


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