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keep it secret

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entertainment venue that the owner made from the car garage of his house


interesting place with a mismatch with its name. it has as many square meters as 1+1 flats in esenyurt, people also go here to have fun. the last time i saw lucca, i was in such a fit of laughter that the the rich and famous are uneducated.


a place in emirgan. actually, that's not what it's called, anyway. it is said that one enters from the soft drink cabinet and there is a party or something inside. every now and then there is a news in the newspaper corners. i was wondering about that soft drink cabinet that you can enter through. i found the photo and i will share it with you. as you know, they made a cabinet like a door.


it is a tiny place of 50 square meters. invitees and celeb only. can enter.


i'm writing to the moon. yes, this is a pizzeria. it has two tables outside, an oven inside. then you go through a drinks cabinet. it's a really tiny place. i don't know if they take it by reservation, i entered drunk with two bells, thanks to the people next to me. if you really turn right, it's famous. if you turn left, it's famous. everyone was still having fun when i woke up in the morning. the biggest bombshell is the owner of the place, umut evirgen arda's wife, aslışah's ex-girlfriend with whom he had a long love :( events are like this


the speakeasy.


the country's first speakeasy place.. a visionary movement.. one goes through the refrigerator of a place that sells napoli pizza in emirgan.. pizzas are expensive but very tasty and high quality... artists like zeynep bastik have become famous for being a source of inspiration for many places. together, the venue that helps young artists earn money.. owner umut evirgen, i learned that this man was 21 years old when he started opening his venues.. he is now the owner of the most popular venues in the country.. chicki boom, la boom, la boucherie , teras emirgan, keep it secret..


(bkz: please don't tell)