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when the man was 3 years old, his father left the house. her baby girl was stillborn, and then her beloved husband died in a car accident. we don't need traumas to be human, we can all lead a simple life like him, happiness is not the things we own, let's understand the value of the people around us while living. edit 1: he took care of his sister, who has leukemia, for years. edit 2: @phoarbix added, his friend river phoenix, whom he loved in his youth, died while they were having fun together.


the king, who accepted the matrix 4 offer on the condition that the set workers working in the first 3 films take part in the team, and shared the money he earned in the first 3 films with the set workers. look at our capricious players who left the set because they found the money to be higher than their wages, you will understand the value of this move better...


the man whose ass did not touch the ground for 2 minutes in the subway.


(see here we go again)


in the subway and 'can you sit down appla?' if he had said to me, i would have said, 'i'll sit down, but you don't have to get up'. (bkz: sit on lap)