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racist, sectarian, fascist and sexist attacking selin sayek böke on social media. i also see that the people of the spelling rules do not have knowledge. a journalist writer like you has no job even in amk newspaper.


he wrote an article saying that if it wasn't for the trip, israel would not have attacked. funny. what kind of mental eclipse, what kind of delirium cannot be described. the truth is; if it weren't for the syrian civil war, maybe israel wouldn't have attacked so brutally, kayahanuygur.


a person in pitiful condition is nothing more. i'm not surprised at all that he was an evening writer. not one to be considered.


the person who puts bulgarian immigrant turks and syrian refugee arabs on the same scale. i will not tell you that there is no similarity between the two communities to the type that will be gg whatever i say. tell the lovers because they're cursing him so bad right now. related article: http://www.aksam.com.tr/…nereden-geldi/haber-408660


[http://www.gunzileli.com/…han-uyguru-tanir-misin/ http://www.gunzileli.com/…han-uyguru-tanir-misin/]


he is defending the akp to you on tv 24 that if the president and prime minister came together, they would not be able to defend it that much.


the journalist, who for years paved the stones for the present day in the rags of power called the evening and the sun, kept writing why the the type presidential system should come as soon as possible, and then was thrown away like a dirty handkerchief. now he is busy writing the opposite of what he defended to death 5 years ago on his odatv and personal twitter account. because in the east, concepts such as ar, haya, honor are only important when they are fucking.


he is a successful person who manages to make money by bullshit. i sent him an e-mail regarding this matter. i hope he will answer so that i can find a way to make money by bullshit after my age.