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romanian singer. i liked his first single*, he was 16 years old. ring my bell


i'm driving late for work in the early morning, so sleepy. the song "your love" plays sweetly on the radio, but i don't know its name or what i think. i've been trying to tell people my problem for a week so i can find the song. i came home from work today while i was wandering around on video site, and i saw that the song i was listening to belongs to this chick.


our romanian gardash, whose voice is similar to the hadith you know, especially in the song "your love". if we said that we are brothers, we are people who have adopted the motto of "we will not always be brothers, long live the love of peoples". (zero tolerance let's go stop lunin)


kate linn - thunderlike (by monoir) video site/watch?v=45i84s6wbbq shot the clip in the country, it was a successful work.


let them give me a carton of red winston with this song, i can drive from istanbul to cambodia. perfect


the piece called your love was made by cristian tarcea. it was literally made to tighten the relations between the country and romania. this pluck disease will not end in our people. the same goes for romania. sir, never forget that when you put in a few bass plucks and chord plucks and make an epic song you play the hits. when you throw a beautiful ethnic instrument on it, you guarantee your job, just like your love.


another one of the romanian chicks who made up the mind to walk through the the market. chris thrace made their mockery famous.


the song called ring my bell will be heard in many places if it is not delayed by summer. my daughter, who she said just by talking, is very striking ;)