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although it is in the most beautiful place of ankara, it has almost turned into a ghost building. this is one of the many things i can't understand in ankara.


it is a much more successful structure in terms of architecture, besides a low-profile structure like the armada. the heart wishes that the newly built shopping malls should be designed in harmony with their surroundings, so that they do not disturb the environment and caress the soul. even though it is a tiki ciks place, karum is perhaps the only decent shopping place in ankara that doesn't get on you, crush or suffocate while you're walking around.


its construction started in 1986 and it was opened in 1991. if we think about what the shopping center meant 20 years ago, maybe it is a structure that has gone beyond. although it has naturally lost its popularity today, it surpasses many shopping centers with its location, architecture, garden and stairs, despite being twenty years old. especially the people of ankara, born in '75-'85, have a memory about karum. it also adds elegance to the essence of kavaklıdere. what else..


it is the "trade center established next to the city", which means port and dock in the assyrian language. karums were established in anatolia during the assyrian trade colonies. karums in anatolia are smaller settlements than those in mesopotamia. most important ones; in kültepe, kaneş karum, hattusa karumu and alişar karumu.

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