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the russian lands, where this city is located, is surrounded by poland and lithuania, that is, it is in a disconnected state from the original russian lands. it also has a coast to the baltic sea. even the name of the team playing in the russian football league is baltika kaliningrad.


russian city, which has been left, right, left, front, back, ab land, left standing around, where the mafia is running around. (see: königsberg)


the city where i live for months. russian culture blended with german buildings and russians blended with european culture. i think when i move i will cry, i want to hug this city.


considering that the names of leningrad and stalingrad have changed, it is the last castle.


17 million km2 of land stretching from the baltic to the black sea to the caspian sea and from there to the pacific ocean was not enough, the russians also took this place. what the hell is this? it was normally the area that should have been given as a consolation to post-war poland. if it were up to me, i would not touch the german language as koningsberg, because i did not get the pleasure i got from germany from anything else. but stalin is there watching you so that i will fuck your midwife.