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at home, it is a flower that my aunt, who did not bud after the flowers fell, even though i took care of it and watered it every week, grew on the balcony and blown cigarette smoke on it and used ashes for fertilizer. (bkz: the one who avoids is garbage)


like a violet, you can dip its leaf into the soil and reproduce it. then it grows and blooms. something like a miracle.


polyanna plant that continues to bloom even if you water it a little and give a kiss every few weeks


colorful flowers that make people move like this. when you enter the room, when you see them, dopamine is flying as you know. yessin her grandmother edit: big brother in the back is the poinsettia.


well, he's a resilient flower. i left it without water for months, it did not fade. its flowers dried up, i plucked the leaves closest to the ground so that the paint would go away. then it bloomed once more but i don't know if it's pissed off anymore.


this is a very sympathetic, sweet and cheeky flower. i'm taking it out on the fact that it's mine and still hasn't faded. i guess it's the only flower i've managed to look at for this long without wilting. it's blooming for the third time. look at your face like this, be happy, such a flower. i love kerata so much.


born in madagascar, without whimsy, without whimsy, with a little love, a little water, a little sun and red/orange protruding, large-leaved, cute flower variety.


it's been sitting in front of my window for several months. while buying, the florist brother told me his name, but i didn't understand it, i just found out it was kalanchoe. does not need love and attention, a flower with a high urge to survive; i think it will need to be pruned once or twice a year. the red flowers are very beautiful. as the flowers dried, a new one came, i don't know if fluorescents are effective in blooming.

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