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(bkz: keep walking boy) "don't mind kendall and gigi sisters, okay?"


(see: enrique iglesias)


i saw the first black and white photo of this girl. i think it was the face of an ad. i said what is this? i sat down as a woman and researched. a super result of super genes is he and his age are much younger. i say neither kendals nor gigiler gold evil kaia gerber, my friends. she has great facial features and clear beauty. instead of making these girls an icon, they're passing this girl off. the infrastructure is solid, and a clear face. she's the only girl i've seen in the new generation worthy of supermodelling. she's prettier than her mother, sorry no one.


cindy crawford's daughter. she is beautiful like her mother and has become the face of omega by following her footsteps.


although she does not look like her mother, her face has a european photogenicity compared to americans. when she started modeling, she had a rather disproportionate and sickly looking body, now she's at least getting the same stature as her mother had in her time.


the child i guessed cindy crawford had by cloning.


likes short hair


this girl can clearly be the best model in the world. kendall jenner, whose counterparts or sorry popular culture imposes on us, is a person who walks with the feeling that i was born for the catwalks beyond the gigi and bella brothers.