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visionary bodybuilder that i don't think he made up aphorisms out of his ass, but on the contrary, i believe he speaks very logically and sometimes even deeply. i am sure that thanks to this way of thinking and his mentality that extends to philosophy, he has exceeded his normal potential and reached his present success. we also like his emphasis on technique and mind-muscle connection, the fact that he is a brooklyn child, he still uses his house in the projects, and his determination.


it could not happen this year either. however; (see: people's champion) (see: champion of hearts)


the athlete who took the 3rd place in 2009 mr olympia and will definitely become mr olympia and make his name known even more. however, as its name is heard more and more, its relationship with "grapefruit" will become more pronounced. here is the link; http://musclehunks.com/kai/


put this guy's head on phil heath, phil will always be 2nd, this will always be the champion, the guy can't be a champion just because he's ugly aq:)


won the arnold classic this year (2009).


he is the champion of hearts and the child of brooklyn. again, he has been treated unfairly. it is worth mentioning once again that although he is 39 years old, he is like a lion in terms of vascularity, definition and mass; yes 39. edit: he has a serious distension/gout problem because of hgh/steroid abuse. it's my lack of vision that i realized this so late.


bodybuilder + zenmaster. we are a brother with a depth that can erase the muscular and brainless human profile in bodybuilding from people. as someone who has watched a zillion videos, i can say that his dialogues with semi-pro bodybuilders really make you respect him.


even being second in 2012 mr olympia is a success. it's really hard to understand olympia's scoring.