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kahve dunyasi

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they make their own chocolate and their turkish coffee is delicious.


kabataş kahve dunyası is a great place to work or read, basically get your shit done without any one breathing on your neck, watching what you're doing. of course its anonymous and kind of bland but strangely that's its charm. i reccomend the americano strongly


i like them because they are the only ones not serving turkish tea which is even sold by all fast food chains too and it doesnt even make sense to me


Ï have had a chance to try kahve dunyasi in london, i found it alright, i still prefer to grab my morning coffee from starbucks.


not a big fan of turkish tea so no big deal to me. i go there for coffee which is brilliant so everything else doesnt matter


just grabbed my monday morning cup of coffee. a good kick start it was!


i love their turkish coffee tastes so raw and recharging


i wish they served turkish tea as well. but then again, they are called kahve dunyasi (coffee world), so i can understand the reasoning behind not doing so.


when i visited turkey i was told kahve dunya is worth a stop and i ended up having my morning coffee from kahve dunyasi throughout my stay. best coffee in town for sure!


the best coffee i've had in turkey. also their restaurant locations are very central you may find few stalls installed at subways also.