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person who is very successful in his job and cannot find his identity in real life. he is on a trip as if he found a vaccine, i don't know, as if he found a solution to a disease. you made a camera apparatus and you earn money. it's great, why do you worry about interaction? why are you trying to give advice to the nation, it seems so makeshift. give that mind to yourself first. when you have so much money and the goal is low, it wants some interaction. give attention to our brother.


i think i got a job thanks to this man. if it weren't for this guy's videos 7-8 years ago, i wouldn't have been able to learn adobe premiere and i probably wouldn't have gotten involved in editing. i can't decide right now whether it was good or bad, but thank you superman. it is also the bottom of the man.


i mean, he looks like a nice brother to us, but i don't know why, i don't know why it bothers me. there is a problem somewhere, something seems to be missing. it's as if the circle he keeps on turning is always the same, the topics are different, but the answers given are always a copy of the previous one. but it looks like a nice evening dress.


the person i met by watching the "something else" video series on the occasion of my girlfriend. so much so that we messaged on linkedin today, see you soon. it is obvious that he is a very kind, humble person. acquaintance did not turn down my request for an interview. on the contrary, even though the program is full, let's do the "break door" mode. he ended his message with "respect" at the end of his message. respect from us. love too. edit: by the way, it is obvious that he will announce the maker movement, which has recently gained attention in the country, to a much wider audience with these videos. we applaud.