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the person who voiced the characters rick and morty in the cartoon series rick and morty.


one of rick and morty's broken heads, even his main man. rick, morty, stealy, mr. poopybutthole, eyehole man and mr. brain-burning talent who sings meeseeks at the same time.


https://www.instagram.com/…fbbnf/?taken-by=jroiland, don't say he didn't say, in the fourth season, elon musk will appear in an episode or his name will be mentioned. previously, there were reports that musk was watching the series and that the elements could put themselves in the array.


he sang the song played at the end of rick and morty s03e06 rest and ricklaxation with chaos chaos. extremely stonewashed but not bad. to listen: video site spotify


creator of the cartoon rick and morty. he also voices the main characters rick and morty. he became famous for his voice-over works in general, and then formed rick and morty. despite all the efforts of justin roiland, the drama was rejected 4 times and finally accepted by adultswim. the person also voices the character of earl of lemongrab in adventure time.


judging by his last tweet, new episodes may come soon (see #87795260)


also "unacceptable!!" it is the transcendent person who gives life to lemongrab with his cries. he also has intimacy with ethan klein. along with trey parker one of the people i wish i was his friend...


he is also the creator and lead author of the concept for the series in question.