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the kicker allegedly put on the sales list with mourinho's report. among the possible addresses, the best probability is the middle row teams of the italian league. if he can't transfer there, it could be belgium, netherlands. i think the leipzig performance eliminated the possibility of germany. it would have been a great transfer opportunity for the country had it not been for the absurd foreign decision taken by the federation.


son of patrick kluivert. http://resmim.org/i/701306717.jpg judging from the picture, patrick made the child alone without the help of his wife.


not only the type but also the style of play. let's see if he will be a good actor like his father?


a 16-year-old winger/striker with a high technical level playing for afc ajax's u17 team. https://www.instagram.com/p/bbdggacj0sk/


a player who could not develop for 2 years in rome. sold to cagliari next year.


a football player who was not included in the preparatory camp squad. the fact that he is not included in the player group of 27 means that he will be a passenger again.


patrick kluivert's son, born in 99, who plays in ajax. it is obvious that we will hear his name often in a few years. looks like he's going to shake his father's throne.


football player who signed a 3-year professional contract with afc ajax.