jumanji welcome to the jungle

jumanji welcome to the jungle

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after watching the movie, i read the comments to see what they wrote here. from now on, i will definitely not make the decision to watch a movie that i have not seen by looking at the negative. this movie helped a lot from this pain. don't look at those who say we can't eat jumanji. the movie is pretty good, it's a fun, cheesy movie. i was definitely not bored, on the contrary, i had fun. follow sir.


first of all, god knows the person who came up with the idea of being trapped in a video game instead of a boardgame. but when i watched it with an independent eye from the 1995 jumanji movie, i loved it. it will be a fun movie for the new generation. now they comfort us with a few references to the old movie.


the best comment is the movie made by a video site user. (see: this is not my jumanji)


even though i started watching it by saying that they probably ruined one of my favorite movies in my childhood, jumanji, it is the movie that shows its quality even at the beginning of the movie (especially after entering jumanji). the whole hall was torn apart nonstop, for the first time in a long time i saw the audience laughing so loudly. it was a movie that never fainted and was extremely entertaining, but a piece of advice, if your english is good, definitely don't watch it dubbed.


disappointing trailer you buy (see boardgame) swap concept with console game. every time the dice are rolled, we waited for the trouble that would come out of the game and how they would get rid of it. we were excited as if we were there throughout the movie. note: i watched the movie, it's not bad, the references to the first movie were on point, i had fun, but the first impression was bad.


the movie that was almost guaranteed to be a disappointment for me after seeing dwayne johnson in its cast.


this is the movie i watched at the cinema today and this entry does not contain spoilers. it was a watchable, entertaining, often funny and sometimes suspenseful movie. according to the first movie, the jumanji game was tried to be adapted to the era a little, but you will see after watching that you should not worry about it.


this dwayne johnson became the pitbull of the movie world. friend in every production. he can easily shoot a movie or something a day. is it cheap or why are they doing it like this?