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it is a money trap because there is no such thing as "cleansing", and it is harmful to health on the contrary. please don't give credit to such things, thanks to our other authors, they also put forward scientific explanations.


i would be surprised if they did something properly like in foreign countries. most of their products contain water and they wrote h2o to keep it charismatic. they sell products that have expired. also the details of what is inside are not written on the box (eg 2 apples, 1 banana etc.). it just says what the fruits are. i looked at the by-products sold in the canyon branches, not complementary products at all. they should go to london to nyc, look at the super delicious cold presses sold there and take away in branding.


to drink or not to drink? i'm still investigating, i couldn't come to a conclusion. there is no one who recommends or denigrates. where are these folks??


don't be fooled by them. the body is already doing what is called detox. eat properly, exercise, don't believe in shortcuts.


another organization that makes money from people's ignorance. scientists are speechless for saying don't believe that detox crap. our people do not read, do not research, do not question. please open and read


i think it's profit if i save a person. i want to provide links as an answer to their answers in the faq section of their site. detoxing debunked 6 potential dangers of juice cleanses and liquid diets is there such thing as a healthy juice cleanse 4 myths about juice cleansing


if the aim is to relax and lighten the body without waiting for a miracle, a few daily programs can be used.