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judy garland

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the actress who played the role of dorothy in the 1939 movie wizard of oz. (see: the wizard of oz) (see: red shoes) (see: girl with red shoes) and even (see: the problem of the car is red shoes)


the actress, who was crushed by her mother's ambition for success throughout her life, took refuge in pills to withstand her hard work, had psychological problems due to the effect of growing up early and not being able to live her childhood, and gave her last breath by taking shelter in pills.*


he was so fed up with the song "over the rainbow" that he said "rainbows are pouring out of me".


coincidentally, on the day of judy garland's death, a giant tornado broke out in kansas. (see: the wizard of oz)


the lady who made bukowski cry with the song somewhere over the rainbow.


a woman who hates her mother. in an interview, she said, "my mother was such a bad person that when i was sick as a kid, now you're going to get up and sing and dance. or i'll tie you to the bed and leave you here. - she shuts up for a moment and shudders - even now i feel like she's here somewhere. mommy. get the hell out of here, leave me alone".


liza minnelli's mother


she first appeared on the stage when she was three years old and is known for the films she made with mickey rooney and the wizard of oz, she was the wife of vincent minelli for 5-6 years, lost her mental health due to weight problems, made frequent suicide attempts, finally committed suicide at the age of 47, small, cute an actress.