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one of jacques lacan's two basic psychoanalytic concepts (the other being an object petit a). it is the kind of affect that i find very valuable, starting from my individual memory. the difference from libido is that it includes frugality. let's not forget that we are in lacan's symbolic world, the frustration experienced in the emptiness that is the "mother" rather than the "law of the father"; leads to distortion in the establishment of consciousness. the collapse of the ideal object is more dangerous than identification with the "father's law." reflection in the mirror slowly cracks... ed: en char.


jouissance is a word that cannot be fully translated. although the words pleasure and pleasure are similar to this, they do not mean the same thing because they contain sexuality. pleasure that has nothing to do with sex. lacan cited as an example women or hermits who take pleasure in suffering. the the practice of this is the testimonies of women whirling dervishes. the peace and satisfaction they say they have achieved while praying and overcoming dizziness is a good example of jouissance.


(see: intellectual orgasm)


the arabic word 'keyf' also gives shoulder to this concept.


according to barthes, it is a bodily pleasure that pierces the human being. it is different from the pleasure given by the usual patterns, it reveals the suppressed. barthes used the concept of punctum to describe a similar sensation in camera lucida.


extreme excitement felt as pleasure or pain. (see: darian leader) (see: why women don't send every letter they write)

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