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the male name corresponding to joseph.


every yusuf is like a candidate to be tested with a high dose of ordeal. because yusuf has fallen. however, let every yusuf know how to be patient, that beautiful prophet was patient. "they are wells, they are deep, there is a man inside, even yusuf has fallen." (see: ah muhsin famous) (see: kutub u sikiste)


if there is no problem, it is the name i gave to my son who will join us on monday. i am naming yusuf lion's name, so that yusuf will have a face and live like a lion, i am naming yusuf atılgan so that he likes to read and write, hz. i am naming yusuf's name so that he can endure the ordeal called life and become a sultan for his züleyha. i have been reading the poem of enver gökçe composed by ahmet kaya for months and listening to his song. doğ yusuf, doğ yusuf, doğ...


he is the master of those who fell into the well. he is the only person where betrayal, patience, longing, love and reunion are gathered together. maybe that's why it is the first name given to the characters in the movies that boris mentions, who somehow experience the dungeon state in their lives.


the word meaning "to be very sad" in chaldean, aramaic and hebrew languages. even exaggeration. hz. it is said that yusuf was also a very sad person. it is even known that the source of her beauty is her sadness. sufis believe that sad men are beautiful..


name of a prophet..