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you were born in czechia, get married, become a father, become a football player, then transfer to a country like the country and die because the driver slept in a minibus. the curse is on those who come to the country. but since we are used to living with this curse, we say that this is the time. but i don't know if we can tell his wife and baby.


unfortunately, he was thrown out of the vehicle. nothing in this world is more important than human life. hold on, my beautiful brother..


i wish those who write things like "will grow up without a father, life without a father" under their photo with their child on instagram die soon. have some empathy! if you had not written like this, we would not have learned that your life would pass without a father. what amazing people you are. thanks a lot idiots.


it is said that he is the only person who was in serious condition and was operated on from the five people who were injured as a result of the overturning of the bus carrying the alanyaspor caravan returning from kayseri. i wish him a speedy recovery and get well soon to the entire alanyaspor community.


two of them lost their lives due to the driver disgrace who did not do their duty. what if they went in a separate vehicle? big and big men care about their own lives, they definitely gave that car and drivers a lot of money. it's like they arranged a neighborhood minibus. how much you like to give advice on certain events. she has a new kid. such a shame.


you are right, such things happen in many 3rd world countries, not just us. in the country where i live, i pay a fine of 250 francs for running a red light. when i go with 70 on the 50 road, i go to court and my license is confiscated. they write a fine of 700 francs for occupying the left lane even though the road is empty on the straight highway. now you say. if the rules were enforced under such strict control, would there have been such casualties if such penalties were applied?


deceased player. safety. your belt. plug in. bus, taxi, back seat, it doesn't matter. you will wear.