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even though his filmography started in 2002, we can say that his star shone with the walking dead. a little too good a player. shane works wonders with his character. role-stealing would be a silly way of description, but it sure overshadows the actors with whom it shares the stage. he is not a very handsome and interesting type. that's why modest productions seem to remain a great actor.


the actor, who joined the cast of daredevil as of the second season, in the role of "the punisher" of course.


he has been cast as the new punisher in the marvel cinematic universe. we'll see him as the punisher in the second season of daredevil.


as frank castle, he is the actor that no one would like to tease him in real life.


in my opinion, there is no actor who can portray the punisher better than this friend in the universe we live in.


some moments of his acting are reminiscent of robert de niro's youth.


he perfectly portrayed the punisher character in the daredevil series. man, that's not it, but i watched this man as the child of pain who can kill without blinking in daredevil for 13 episodes. then i opened the 2nd episode of the 1st season of how i met your mother. ted is filming this on the screen, he's smiling loosely with his long hair and something... afghanistan is so spoiled by carlos reyizi.


it's like this guy was born to play the character of frank castle. there cannot be such a role, there cannot be such an acting. the name of the series is daredevil, but in the second season, he performed such a performance that he surpassed the character who gave his name to the series. it was one of the best things of 2016 to see this man on screen as a punisher. description: a solid actor who will soon be playing the lead role in the tv series the punisher.