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he has great contributions in the field of mathematics. i hope his son is not badly affected by the death of his family. note: you can get information about his son on video site.


contrary to popular belief, nash did not find the game theory. he found a jewish mathematician named john von neumann. nash developed the theory and found the nash equilibrium, which he named after


the genius who, with his death, will make "mind games" watch once again for both those who know him and those who don't. rest in peace. (bkz: a beautiful mind)


he died together with his wife, who always loved him and never left his side. he ignored schizophrenia in his own way and gave a new direction to his life. rest in peace beautiful people


while he was always designing neoclassical works, he was under the influence of the orientalist movement, which can be called foreign to england, and applied the brighton pavilion and onion domes, and moroccan andalusian-like arches. the royal pavilion proves that the west needed the existence of the "other" (east) in order to build itself.


when i watched the movie i don't like math, i didn't like it either, the man was not sympathetic, but may he rest in peace, condolences to the numerators


in order to meet him, you have to go to him with an acquaintance. he takes your photo with his mobile phone and writes your name on his phone. that way he knows if you're real or not. in short, john nash has photos of all the people in his life on his phone. also, there could not be an academician in the country. unfortunately, the number of theses you wrote is not important content for us. he is a great master who changed the understanding of trade in the world with a single thesis.


he is an architect who lived between 1752-1835 and was influenced by romanticism. the most important work is the royal pavillon, which is located in the city of brighton, england, inspired by the indo-gothic architecture.