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the leader of the famous gambino family, who was caught in a media frenzy with al capone and therefore attracted all the attention to the mafia. he used to say that cosa nostra would change its shape, he rolled over himself, he was a master, like al capone.


famous american mafia boss. he died of cancer last week in prison, where he was held for 10 years. he always dressed very elegantly (even in prison). he is said to have managed 2300 people before he went to jail. just like in the movies, he had him killed on the street in manhattan with the protection of a rival mafia boss (paul castellano) and became unrivaled in the mafia world. just like in the movies, he was sentenced to life in prison after one of his closest men agreed to testify against him.


he is the most stylish mafia boss who has been voted america's best dressed man over and over. bad things could be written about him in the newspapers, but a bad photo could never be published. "you got a good picture, didn't you?" he gave enough importance to this issue to ask. francis ford coppola said about himself, "even if you come to this world five thousand times, you will never meet a gentleman like him".


he is the ruthless mafia boss that his neighbor, who crashed with his car and killed his young son in 1980, ordered him to be dissolved in a barrel of acid


for detailed information about the boss period (see #42931795)


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an italian who gave interviews to time magazine before he went to prison and loved to be in front of the cameras. san was never loved by the old consiglieri because of his passion for fame, and in the last days of his trial, he did not receive any support from his own compatriots and became madara.


the person that tony soprano also has memories of him. this photo of him is the embodiment of what is called charisma:…/2/2f/gott12.jpg of course, he made many mistakes, and he must have been unlucky because he got in and got beaten up by zencos in prison corners. got cancer, died and gone. even his own servant said of his father, "it is written on his death certificate that he drowned in his own vomit and blood. he paid the price for his sins". don't be a world of discovery.