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my pedagogic creed is a work that radically criticizes today's modern education system. john dewey argues that competition should decrease in education, he has articles on education should not be commodified. he is a very important thinker in the field of education, in the formation of our education system. he was called to the country by atatürk. his talks with hasan ali yücel and İsmail hakkı tonguç about the education reform are famous...


american instrumentalist philosopher, who focused on the philosophy of william james (pragmatism), whom atatürk invited to the country in the 1920s to get an idea about the establishment of a decent education system.


an educator who was once mentioned with the words "not the one raised by america, but the person who raised america".


education theorist, pragmatist philosopher, who was called to the country by atatürk in 1924 to examine and establish the education system. he believed that the most important part of learning and therefore his education is based on problem-solving skills, and that one should learn by understanding with an education appropriate to one's interests and abilities, rather than rote learning. considering the rote learning system in the country, the education system he tried to establish in the 1920s and his thoughts are really significant


he is also the owner of the phrase "everyone evaluates you as much as the label you put on himself", which i find very valuable.


according to him, school is not the place that prepares children for life; it should be a real living space where problems related to life are researched and learned by living.