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johan vilhelm snellman

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hundred years ago, the intellectual said that professional football is a disaster for the future of societies.


when he passed away from this world in 1881, he transferred his soul to atatürk. ah snellman... i admire people who live well and leave a mark on this earth. i wish beautiful people never died, they would live forever so we didn't have to start over from scratch.


"microbes such as plague and cholera cannot be seen with the naked eye. but even though they are very small, they devastate the entire country. but the spiritual microbes that plague the society are perhaps more dangerous than the plague microbe." - johan wilhelm snelman,1816


quote from the book; - spoiler everyone wants to receive something from life, but does not want to give anything to it. --- spoilers ---


in the land of white lilies, "i lit live lamps in dark corners and supplemented them with oil so that they could understand better." this is exactly what we need as a country right now. if you ask me who should be someone who will be a light to the people who have lost hope, who will make us stand up again, who will gather the good ones around them, make our voices as loud as the dishonest ones, and wake us up from this deep sleep, my answer will be snellman with the effect of the book i read.