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he is also one of the authors of hodejegerne, one of the great movies in my opinion. i also think that he pays special attention to the covers of his books. they're all awesome.


he is the author whose novel macbeth, which he reinterpreted in the crime-thriller genre as part of the hogarth shakespeare series, will be published in the country at the beginning of 2018. our author.


i read the last book of this brother named the snowman, because it was chosen as one of the horror novels of the year. you know, although its fiction is not as good as grange, jonesbo's narration and the details he has interspersed maintain the fluency of the book. while reading the book, one gets immersed in the tension of the narrative and the scandinavian atmosphere without getting caught up in the excitement of who the murderer is.


he writes that his new book kongeriket / the kingdom / kingdom has closed the entrance of all bookstores in norway. men don't like nesbø that way. let's give the bad news to the followers of the series, although the book is in the crime genre again, it is not a continuation of the harry hole series.


as far as i can find on the internet, the books translated into the are as follows; nemesis, born book demon star, aisle publishing robin, aisle publishing


yo is pronounced as nezbo.


i'm writing for nemesis, because she loves rake, i can't decide whether to be a fan of harry hole or raskol baxhet. and to this; not being able to read so that the book doesn't end/#39164497 i get very angry because i'm exposed. i can't find the other two books of the author anyway. yes this sector is empty, anyone looking for a job.


it was launched as "next stieg larsson". even his books have this label on them. he has two books translated into the. as far as i understand, he is not a popular author in our country yet.