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has no brain. meek. cursing with a message. (see: block headers)


he is not an atheist, he is a christian. (see: get your fucking facts straight)


in 1994, he was killed in prison by a black man with a blow to the head with an iron bar. in his statement, the killer said "god has ordered me to kill him"...


he was murdered by the prisoner christopher scarver, and according to scarver's last words were "i don't care if i live or die. come on, don't stop and kill me." has been. the names and photos of the people he killed can be seen here.


the writer who shows how stupid and how mentally ill he is from the nickname he gets. why is a human murderer nicknamed a name? a troll that gets on your nerves by constantly posting nonsense threads and comments about anxiety and depression. he really needs to see a psychiatrist because i'm 100% sure he has as many wild feelings in himself as the guy in his nickname, jeffrey dahmer. anyway, it is customary; (see: block) (see: block headers)

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