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why should you spend your money on humanity? did humanity unite and give money when founding amazon? if he will make a gesture to his investors.


with amazon stocks soaring, his fortune has exceeded $100 billion... if we say get a beer, he'll be out of shape, but bald pimp!


if he wants to have a fortune of 1 trillion dollars, if he goes to a restaurant alone in anatolia, he cannot enter the family hall.


thanks to bill gates alone, the thirst rate in africa has decreased by half. he is the richest person in the world according to forbes because he did not donate, he would have made a difference if bill gates had not donated. he doesn't seem like a very helpful person.


one day, while driving from new york to seattle by car, this emice designed in the backseat, saying "you can use it, lady, something came to my mind".


the person whose wealth i have prevented from reaching $200 billion 10 by canceling my purchase on amazon.


if the man accidentally drops something while taking his hand out of his pocket next to us, our lives will change.