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i will never forget the hippie glasses and half cap, master.


it is a living example of how people create their own style and have their own unique charisma, even if they look ugly in life. handsome men like pictures are not too hard to see, but jean reno is one in the world. i'm not writing it out of admiration, but it represents an important character type.


super impressive man. it means that it's not about the smoothness of your mouth*. (bkz: ugly but charismatic) (see: ugly but sexy)


french actor who wastes so few letters as befits a frenchman. i expected something like "jeannes renault" when i heard the name.


famous french actor, legendary artist. the artist rejected the offer to be the advertising face of the tarlabaşı 360 project, showing once again why it is great.…si_projesine_ret-1164345


he is the man who carries the love in his heart, the love in his heart, into his eyes very well, even if it is a role, and looks at him with love. leon, it will stay that way forever...


forever "leon"


"the professional" player who should receive a separate oscar every year for his performance in leon.