january 12 2016 detantion of us sailors by iran

january 12 2016 detantion of us sailors by iran

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10 members of the us navy were taken in custody by iran after their ships entered iranian waters. according to us officials, they were en route from kuwait to bahrain.


what? this cannot be true. barack signed a nuclear weapons agreement with iran and now they love us. maybe barack will address this in his sou tonight.

the us navy bots similar to the ones captured.

us navy violated iran territorial waters when 2 boats had "engine trouble" at the same time and "drifted" into iran territory. when you actually see the facts, it is entirely the us's fault and we were probably doing some sketchy stuff. just be glad that iran is willing to let them go so easily.


over half of iran's population is under 40 and is fairly moderate -- they don't have the hate that the old time hard liners do. we have helped the old hard liners stay in power by being the enemy -- they are very afraid of losing that grip and will probably do more of this stuff to provoke a response from the us. a hard line response from the us will prove that the west is the axis of evil and help them stay in power.


you venture into us waters the same thing will happen. i know all you radicalized guys would like this to be in incompetence, it's not. this is a planned incursion to identify or cloak other actions.
staged with purpose. every news channel just reported it around the world, those under cloak now have their message delivered.


the boats crossed a little more than a mile into iranian-patrolled waters, which is recorded on the gps device of the american vessels and now in the hands of the iranian revolutionary guards.


iran media says revolutionary guard navy confiscated gps equipment belonging to 10 us sailors it has arrested, "our border was crossed."

the incident area

apparently, the sailors were on a training mission around noon et when one of the boats experienced mechanical failure and drifted into iranian-claimed waters. iran's coast guard took them into custody, although the crew has been described as being safe.