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sayko is a candidate to be the sought after name of handsome roles.


didn't like it at first, so i was imagining grey as a brunette with colored eyes. from the description in the book, i remember only his gray eyes, which is probably because it has been said a hundred times, and of course, it may also be because i always think about how gray eyes are. as a result, i saw him in the newspaper, i said no, gray or something, i realized that his eyes were really gray. at that point, i'm giving him the gray title back, thanks to him, we also saw the gray eye. http://www.imnotobsessed.com/…s-jamie-dornan-10.jpg (see wow)


handsome actor who can be spoiled when called irish. he is from northern ireland.


it's a marrow-like man that makes me wonder if anyone is irish and ugly. he was also married and had children. hey baby hey what do mothers give birth to? i'm looking forward to february 13, thanks. the incarnation of cristian gray must be exciting.


i passed the man's being extremely handsome, what a lucky woman his wife is. what good deeds have you done, you have been rewarded like this godless woman. she looks like the socialite nisantasi women who are officially going to put gold on the new born baby, but she is married to this man. man's thesis of god. what did you do, my god? also, i'm talking about his character in fifty shades of grey, he's not a man, he's not a contract, i'll sign him if he brings a blank paper, it doesn't matter if he writes what he wants..


it doesn't kill the looks, it does, it's a beautiful man! married, happy, with babies, talented... i always say, let their mothers and fathers go into mass production, let there be more beautiful men, beautiful women, lots of them!

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