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the boy i decided was more dangerous than justin after seeing his duet with justin bieber. with those gestures in the clip, that ridiculous dance, singing the song with his mouth wide open, this boy entered the category of people who wouldn't be liked if he was the son in my brain. i hope his music career will end soon and he will save us from this suffering if he turns to cinema like his father.


celebrity veled, whom i thought was a girl when i saw it in the trailers of the karate kid. i haven't watched the movie yet so i'm still not sure.


even justin bieber remains sympathetic next to this kamil. think now. description: a brat whose father i love but whose father i despise. let me love your eyebrows.


as a child, she was a beautiful boy, but when she grows up, she turns into a complete cupcake.


won't be able to watch (eat) the after earth movie just because of this baby's type. http://funnypicturesplus.com/…-jaden-smith-face.jpg


he is a very smart kid. this much self-confidence is not pleasant even for a child.


someone who looks like a black child version of orlando bloom. (see: if no lan)


this is a bucur that i am very similar to manchester united's ball player anderson luís de abreu oliveira. it could even be just that. veled running : http://img405.imageshack.us/i/bebepk.jpg/ anderson running : http://img17.imageshack.us/i/anderson170176t.jpg/